New York State Liberal Arts Requirements

Per the State of New York, all certified LMS must complete a liberal arts core course requirement, including the courses listed below. If you have not completed these courses in your undergraduate coursework, you may take courses during your tenure at Pratt toward compliance with this requirement. Courses need not be taken at Pratt Institute, and should be completed at the student’s convenience before their last term in the LMS program.

If a student has many liberal arts requirements outstanding (i.e., more than 3), we strongly suggest you earn these credits before beginning your Masters work at Pratt.

Liberal Arts Course Requirements:

  • Arts
  • Communication
  • Humanities
  • Language other than English
  • Written Expression
  • Historical and Social Science
  • Scientific processes
  • Mathematical Processes

For more information on acceptable courses to fulfill these requirements, visit the T-Cert web site:

To search this page, select “classroom teacher” as your Area of Interest, “library science” as your Subject Area, “k-12 all grades” for Grade Level, and “initial certification” for Certification Type.

For clarification, speak to the LMS coordinator.

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